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BinaryString type

Innen: MicroCoin Wiki

The BinaryString / TRawBytes types can store text and binary data. We use the BinaryString denomination at the case of C#, while the Pascal uses TRawBytes.

Data structure

Its data structure is simple. The first two bytes (words) store how long the data is measured in bytes, and after this, we're adding the data. It works just like the traditional String type in the Pascal language.

Data length (2 byte) Data

If we would like to store the MicroCoin word in this type:

Data length Data
0x0900 0x4D6963726F436F696E
We use the Little Endian byte sequence, so the 9 is not 0x0009 in the length field!

Why we need this type?

When we read the data, we cannot decide with any other method how long it will take, since any value can be included. So at the beginning we need to indicate how long the data is.

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