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Discord wallet

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What can we do with the Discord wallet

With the Discord wallet, we can handle our MicroCoins on the Discord chat server. We can send and receive MicroCoins, inquiry our balance and there are some extra features too.

Security warning

Our private key is stored on the Discord server. Although it's encrypted on the server, but it's not stored on your computer, so do not hold too much coin on our Discord account!

Using the Discord wallet

To start using the Discord wallet, we must join to the Discord server and we need to send the following commands to the MCCwallet bot in either channel, or send a direct message to this bot.

When we're issue a command in a channel, we need to add the MCCWallet bot's name before the command, so we need to call the bot. If we're writing to the bot in direct message, we don't need to add the bot's name before the command.

Inquiry commands

We can inquiry the available commands with the @MCCWallet help command.

Creating an account

To create a new account, just send the @MCCWallet start command in the request-account channel. We will receive your account's number in an answer from the bot.

Inquiry your balance

It's possible to inquiry our account's balance with the @MCCWallet balance command. We will receive your actual balance in an answer from the bot.

Sending funds

To send some MicroCoins for another account, send the @MCCWallet send amount account command. For example, if we would like to send 100 MicroCoins to the 0-10 acount, we need to send the @MCCWallet send 100 0-10 command. Instead of entering the account number, we can enter the destination account's name too. We can send funds directly to a Discord-user, if this user is already owns a MicroCoin Discord-account. In this case, we need to send the @MCCWallet send amount Discord-username command. For example, if we would like to send 50 MicroCoins to Pethical, then we need to send the @MCCWallet send 50 @Pethical command.

Asking our private key

To ask our private key, we need to send the pk command in direct message to the MCCWallet bot. It's possible to import this private key in the MicroCoin Desktop Wallet. If we're attempting to ask our private key in a public channel, the bot will warn we about we need to ask our private key in direct message and the bot will not display our private key in a public channel. We don't need to add @MCCWallet before the command when we're writing to the bot in a direct message.

After we're imported the Discord wallet's private key into the desktop wallet application, we can change this wallet's private key, but after the change, we can't manage this wallet in Discord anymore, we can only access to this wallet in the desktop wallet application!

Receiving weather information

This is an extra feature. The command's format is @MCCWallet weather city's name. For example, if we would like to get information about London's weather, just send the @MCCWallet weather London command. The fee of this feature is 1 MCC + 0.0001 mining fee, so the total amount is 1.0001 MCC, what will be deducted from our Discord MicroCoin account.


Command Function Example
START Create an account @MCCWallet Start
BALANCE Inquiry our balance @MCCWallet Balance
SEND AMOUNT DESTINATION Sending funds @MCCWallet send 100 0-10
PK Private key asking PK
WEATHER CITY Ask the weather @MCCWallet weather London
Lowercase and uppercase does not matter.