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We're created this MicroCoin Wiki-page to provide overall information about the Microcoin cryptocurrency and we would like to make easy the first steps. We will talk about how to get a MicroCoin-account and how to mine MicroCoins. We will constantly expanding the content of this page, according to the suggestions.


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First steps

If we decided to collect some MicroCoins, we will need the MicroCoin wallet software and an account for store the MicroCoins. First, we need to download the wallet software from the MicroCoin's official website. The sofware setup application will guide us through the setup process and after the setup procedure we can use the wallet software.

The backup of the private keys

It's very important to make a backup from the private keys after we created them. If a hardware failure is occur and you lost all of your data, there are not any else ways to restore your private keys! To create a backup from your private keys, at the top left corner on the main screen, we need to click on the Private keys button. On the Wallet keys window, we need to click on the Save all button at the top right corner. After this, the program will ask you the saving destination of the backup file what contains our private keys. Always use an external media (flash drive, memory card, external hard drive), never use the internal hard disk to store backups!

Account request on Discord

After the setup of the wallet software we need to get an account too where we can store our MicroCoins. We can request this account on the MicroCoin's Discord-server, buy one or even mine one, we will talk about this later. In the following we will discuss the account request on the Discord-server. If you would like to request an account on Discord, first you need to join to MicroCoin's Discord server. After this, we will need our public key. We need to take care to do not use our private key to request an account, beacuse everyone can see it on the chat and later someone can steal our MicroCoin-account and the MicroCoins too!

To get a public key, first you need a private key. Open the wallet software and click on the Private keys button at the top left corner on the main screen. On the Wallet keys window, we need to click on the green plus button at the top left corner and add a custom name to our new private key. After this, our new private key will appear on the list. Select our private key, click on the Copy public key button and we're done.

Our next step will be the account request on Discord. After we're joined to the MicroCoin's Discord-server, on the channel list click on the request-account channel and paste our public key into this channel as a comment. The server will give us an account what we can use immediately.

Don't worry if can't see your account right after the request process. The blockchain may need some time to the next new block. After a new found block, you will see your account on the main windows's account list.

How to mine MicroCoin

Now we're going to through the steps how to mine MicroCoins using the sgminer miner software. At the creation this walkthrough I used Windows 10 Home Edition and used sg-miner-5.5.0-pascal mining software to mine. You can try different versions of sgminer, but you need to note some versions of this software does not support the Pascal algorithm. First, if we haven't downloaded it before, we need to download the mining software from the Github-page, then we need to extract the archive's content to a custom place. We can use the Windows's internal extractor, or use an external archiver like WinRAR. After this, we can find the sgimer's files in the selected folder. For the sgminer's proper operation, we need to give some parameters to the mining software, like the mined cryptocurrency's algorithm, the mining pool's address, the pool's port number, our MicroCoin-account's first digits (the digits before the hyphen), the password, what GPU we need to use for mining (if we have more than one GPU) and the mining performance. We can write these parameters into the Windows' Run box, but it's musch easier to create a batch file what contains all of the parameters, named start.bat. Sometimes you already got this batch file with the downloaded archive (in this case you just need to replace the file's content with your parameters), but sometimes you need to create this file by yourself. Your Windows File Explorer may not set to display file extensions, in this case you need to turn this feature on. Open sgminer's folder in the File Explorer, then at the top menu click on Wiew, then in the ribbon you need to check File name extensions box. Now create a text document in the sgminer's folder and rename it to start.bat file name. At the rename confirmation, you need to click on the Yes button. Click on the newly created start.bat file with the right mouse button and in the menu click on the Edit menu point. If you are already have a start.bat file with predefined parameters, just delete the file's whole content and paste the following into the text box:

sgminer -k pascal -o stratum+tcp:// -u 123456 -p 2 --gpu-platform 0 -I 10

(The pause command must be in a new line)

After the sgminer you can see various switches (hyphen-letter or hyphen-word), after the switches there are the custom parameters (letter, number or word). Their explanations are the following:

-k pascal : specifies the algorithm miner must use for mining. If this switch is missing, the miner will use auto algorithm, but sometimes it's not working properly, so it's recommended to add this switch to the line with the used algorithm.

-o stratum+tcp:// : This switch specifies to the mining pool used for mining. I's also specifies the pool's port number.

-u 123456 : After the switch we need to input our MicroCoin-account's first digits, instead of 123456. These digits may be less then six digits, for example there are MicroCoin-accounts with only one digit.

-p 2 : Originally this is the worker's password on the mining pool, on some pools we can identify our workers with this password. On the MicroCoin-pool you can set the donation's percentage with you password. In the example, you are offering 2 percent of you whole shares to the pool.

--gpu-platform 0 : With this switch, we can specify what GPU we would like to use for mining. It's important if you are using a system with multiple CPUs, because sometimes sgminer will try to use the weaker CPU for mining. If you only have one GPU, you can ignore this switch.

-I 10 : We can set the mining integrity with this switch, from 1 to 21. It's important to use the capital letter-I after the hyphen. Use this setting carefully, don't set the integrity too high without causes, because it may crash the sgminer or the whole system!

We need the pause command because if the mining software stops with an error message, it will not close the miner's windows automatically and you can read the error message.

After setting the parameters above, we can save the modifications in our new start.bat file.

Before we can start our freshly created batch file and we are used some GPU-intensive software (games, another mining software, rendering process or anything else), first let the GPU cool down a little bit. An overheated GPU can cause error messages in the mining software.

If we did everything well, after the starting our batch file the mining will start without error messages. After a few seconds, the valid shares will appear in the sgminer's window.

For stop the whole mining process and quit from the mining software, you just need to press Q. If you would like to see your mining statistics, in the sgminer we need to press P, I and 0 buttons. With the first digits of our account (hówhat you are using for mining) you can check your payouts on the MicroCoin Pool's page.

If you're a solo miner, you're lucky and you're mining out a new block first, you will get five accounts from the blockchain.

Request some MicroCoins on Discord

If we already have a MicroCoin-account, we are entitled for one time to request some MicroCoins as an airdrop. Just join to the MicroCoin's Discord-server, go to the airdrop channel and paste our whole account number into this channel as a comment (the first digits, the hyphen and the digits after the hyphen). We will receive MicroCoins onto our account from 1 to 9 MicroCoins. Please note that we only use one account only once to receive an airdrop.

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