FIGYELEM! A MicroCoinnak és a fejlesztő csapatának nincs köze a Mikron nevű ICO-hoz!

MicroCoin cryptocurrency

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MicroCoin is an experimental research project, what can help us finding the possibilities in the blockchain technology. This coin is a peer to peer cryptocurrency too, what can support the immediate and almost free transactions to everyone on the world. MicroCoin is based on PascalCoin. The network is started by Péter Németh on December 22, 2017.

MicroCoin can produce outstanding speed, one transaction can be done even under 1-3 seconds. Thanks to the immediate and irrevocable transactions, it can be used with real marketing applications, microtransactions and transactions between more persons. Developing applications can be easy based on this coin, for example, online payment, accounting or invoicing systems. We can add names to the accounts, describe their types and we can even hand them over to another person. So, we can not only transfer funds to another account, but we can hand over the whole account to someone.

MicroCoin can offer many possibilities for using this cryptocurrency. It can support web, mobile, SMS, phone and chatbot paying applications.

With the premade and easily integrable modules, we can integrate them even into our blog or website and for this, most times we don't need programming knowledges. With the interfaces, we can develop applications without knowing a cryptocurrency's internal structure.

In the future, MicroCoin will be contentrated onto the IoT-solutions. We hope, one time MicroCoin will be a smart home-cryptocurrency.